Monthly Archives: June 2021

Federal vs. Private student loans: what are the differences?

Federal student loans and private student loans have different advantages and disadvantages. In general, federal loans are a better deal because they offer more protection and lower fixed rates. However, federal loans come with a origination fee, while most private lenders do not charge them. To learn more about Insider’s …

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CFPB: lenders engaged in redlining, reported bad data

the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is tightening the screws on mortgage agents and originators who violate consumer protection laws. The monitoring agency discovered that lenders were engaging in deceptive marketing practices, including violations of the Truth in Loans Act and Equal Credit Opportunity Act, and provided inaccurate data on …

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Homepoint restructures operations and lays off workers

Starting point, America’s third-largest wholesale lender, has reorganized its operations and sales staff as part of a restructuring that will potentially result in the loss of hundreds of jobs. On Monday, the Ann Arbor, Mich.-Based lender said its new regionalised staffing model, dubbed “Homepoint Amplify,” had rolled out to brokerage …

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