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New York Rep. Steve Englebright has just introduced two bills that will cut our waste in half. One is an extension of the successful 40 year old bottle ticket which includes most of the additional beverage containers (A 10184 and S 9164).

The other is an EPR, an Extended Producer Responsibility Act (A 10185), which makes those who make packaging responsible for finding solutions for their end product, rather than putting the responsibility on local authorities and taxpayers. This alone greatly reduces packaging and plastic waste. Creative solutions are found when the manufacturer is responsible for each disposable product.

To stop plastic and other waste from filling our oceans, overflowing our landfills, harming our health, and filling our air with toxins when burned, please reach out to your New York House Member and Senator and urge them to: to pass these important bills in this session. Please do it NOW. The legislative period ends on June 2nd.

Microplastics are found in human blood and placenta. Scientists estimate that each of us consumes microplastics the size of a credit card every week. Passing these laws will be a big step in reducing our risks.

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