Ecology and Biodiversity Refresher Course begins at CMPDI, Ranchi

Indian Council of Forestry, Research and Education (ICFRE) Director-General, Dehradun Arun Singh Rawat on Wednesday opened a two-day ecology and biodiversity refresher course for senior staff at Central Mine Planning and Design Institute (CMPDI), Ranchi which is a subsidiary of Coal India Limited (CIL). The course, which started on Wednesday, was organized by ICFRE’s Environmental Management Department. Rawat spoke on the importance of ecology and biodiversity in the context of mining activities during his inauguration address. He also explained the strength of ICFRE and its institutes in relation to the subject and the services provided to CIL and its affiliated organizations related to the management of ecology, biodiversity and coal mine environment. The Deputy Director General (Extension) of ICFRE stressed the need for new scientific methods for the management of ecology and biodiversity corresponding to mining. He also emphasized sustainable mining and proper ecological restoration of mined areas with an emphasis on soil and moisture conservation and enriching biodiversity in the mine-affected areas. After the inauguration of the refresher course, technical sessions were also held, covering various aspects of ecology and biodiversity with a focus on the coal mining environment.

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