Lender expands reach to Hispanic home buyers

Certainly, the stress inherent in buying a new home is not limited to ethnicity or race. Still, making the process more accessible to Hispanic consumers helps alleviate some of that anxiety, Gauer explained: “First, for the Spanish-speaking community, imagine making the biggest purchase of your life – your home loan – in a second language. We want to remove these barriers with dedicated tools that generate borrower confidence, from a new Spanish mortgage application to a targeted Hispanic website,” she said. “So it starts with information and education in Spanish, but our support goes way beyond translation. We partner with organizations focused on advancing Hispanic homeownership, participate in Hispanic-centric events, and leverage our own Hispanic loan officers to forge authentic inroads with this community.

In a prepared statement, CrossCountry Mortgage’s chief brand officer, Laura Soave, noted that outreach efforts extend beyond translated materials: “It’s personal,” she said. “We have hundreds of Spanish-speaking loan officers with deep roots in the community. We partner with organizations focused on promoting sustainable homeownership among Hispanics and integrate ourselves into this community. »

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In terms of good faith in the space, CrossCountry Mortgage officials highlighted their partnership with the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals, a trade association committed to advancing the economic mobility of Hispanics in the United States, including the home ownership. The organization is also part of the L’Attitude 2022 conference, which is said to have fostered more advancement for Latinos than any other event in the world.

Gauer said the bank’s rank and record reflected its commitment to serving the Hispanic consumer: “We have hundreds of Spanish-speaking loan officers among our employee base, which makes supporting the Hispanic community even more personal,” she said.

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