Non-profit Ocean Cleanup not only hits milestone, but “saves two bears” in Sungai Klang

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The non-profit organization Ocean Cleanup has had two interceptors in Sungai Klang for a number of years.

The first was Interceptor 002 and the second was Interceptor 005.

Put simply, they want to rid the oceans of plastic and the interceptors work in rivers to prevent plastic waste from entering the oceans.

According to the Ocean Cleanup website, the Interceptor was designed for mass production for rapid deployment in the world’s most polluted rivers.

Together with the local government, the Interceptor served as an adjunct to the Selangor Maritime Gateway initiative aimed at rejuvenating Sungai Klang.

Interceptor 002 was deployed in 2020 while Interceptor 005 is currently undergoing maintenance.

Fun fact: The band Coldplay funded the construction and deployment of Interceptor 005. Ocean Cleanup said it was the first contribution to the 15 million pounds of trash they would be removing from rivers as part of the #TeamSeas campaign.

In the latest update on their Twitter page, Ocean Cleanup announced that they have reached a milestone as Interceptor 002 removed over 1,000,000 kilograms of trash and two “bears” from Sungai Klang.

This was after 157 dumps from 942 dumpsters.

The “bears” in question are two giant teddy bears that somehow found their way into the garbage heaps that ended up in Sungai Klang.

And we wonder why it always floods when it rains for a few hours.

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