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“We all know that greenwashing exists”

By Ria Bose

Ria says, “Rather than coming up with really better solutions, companies are blaming us.”

For years, big corporations have been doing what they want at the expense of everyone around them, specifically the environment. We all know that greenwashing exists and is something that companies do when they want to show their consumers that they are very conscious of their green thumb, their carbon footprint, or they are wasting water and are basically portraying themselves as eco-champions, with it People like you and I think we are doing the right thing by choosing their product over others.

But if you think about it, instead of finding really better solutions to eliminate the single-use PET bottles, or to reduce the water consumption in the manufacture of a t-shirt, or to use alternative materials that are very much present and sustainable and reusable , companies place the burden on us, the consumers, to recycle products, economize or make many small inconvenient changes in their lifestyle.

When in reality they still produce billions of dollars of plastic bottles, t-shirts, earplugs, diapers or straws, yes billions every year.

Let’s be honest here for a minute, even if we all choose to recycle the product in our homes, there’s no way we can compete with companies that produce billions of disposable items every year. These pieces of plastic are everywhere, harming our health, our communities, our oceans and our environment.

The harsh reality is that companies need to replace plastic with something sustainable, and alternatives already exist.

Ria Bose, 25, is a teacher trying to minimize her carbon footprint.

“Every change makes you Difference”

From Ameya

Ameya says, “A company that makes this transition also makes a statement that they want to make a change to their consumers.”

When a multinational company that sells millions, if not billions, of its products makes even a small step, it makes a difference. With products sold across continents, every change made, every difference introduced is not only physical but also ideological. And why shouldn’t companies talk about every change they make to their products to improve the environment, no matter how big or small?

Consumers expect brands to address and address issues related to climate change and the environment. A company making a global switch to one of its products, no matter how small, is making a mass statement to the world to make a change. Whether it’s companies choosing to use more sustainable materials in their products and packaging (yes, this logic applies to your local Kirana store refusing to sell you items in plastic bags), that encourage their consumers to recycle, use renewable energy or try to reduce waste, forget about the competition, even consumers on an individual level would be motivated to make a change.

So any percentage of improvement, be it 1 percent or 10 percent, would make a difference. The effect only increases over the years. For those who would say these changes are too small, well it’s a start, and when small changes can make a big difference, a start is all we need.

Ameya, 24, is an advertiser professional.

From HT Brunch, September 17, 2022

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