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So, I’ve been looking at the District 6 candidates for the Nebraska State Board of Education and it seems the choice is very clear.

Only one candidate has more than eight years of teaching experience.

Sherry Jones has over 35 years of teaching experience. It promotes academic improvement in our Nebraska schools, math, science and language skills. She is concerned that too many of our young people are graduating from Nebraska’s schools without the basic skills needed to apply for jobs and further education opportunities. As a former teacher, Sherry wants to save our teachers from having to teach things that many in good conscience don’t want to teach. And she believes parents need a strong voice in raising their children.

It seems to me that Sherry Jones is the only candidate who really cares about our children’s future.

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Tune Grand Island forward

Grand Island’s economic development program has helped many companies choose to grow here in our community, where we want people to invest. It has helped many companies make the decision to be “here”. Since receiving LB840 support in 2008, our company has created over 100 jobs and significant acreage in the Grand Island area. It helped us make the decision to invest in our area and several other companies made the same decision because of LB840.

Please vote with me for the extension of Grand Island’s economic development program on November 8th.

If a community doesn’t invest in itself – in its growth, in its workforce, in its housing, in its quality of life – then that community will invest in its own downfall. Planning for smart growth is critical to Grand Island.

The economic development program that is up for renewal is intelligent growth. I urge voters to vote FOR the extension of Grand Island’s economic development program, lest we become the only equal-sized community in the country not funding a business and labor attraction and retention program. This is our best shot at keeping Grand Island competitive. Vote NEXT.

Tim Mayfield has my support and my vote in this upcoming general election for the Grand Island Public Schools, District B school board.

If you want to vote for a candidate who believes: 1.) in a strong public education system, 2.) the vast majority of public school teachers do their best to prepare all children for their future by providing a comprehensive education that is as impartial as humanly possible, 3) that public schools, while imperfect, strive each day to be better than the day before, 4) and most importantly, that every child has value, purpose and opportunity earned on a quality education; then Mayfield deserves your vote.

Tim Mayfield is a deep, thoughtful, independent thinker. He has a unique view of the complex challenges faced by public schools, which enables him to get to the bottom of the issues and provide effective solutions and guidance. He has children in the Grand Island Public School district and knows firsthand how the district works. He understands how public schools are funded through a very complex formula created by the state legislature. He will be an effective advocate for all children in our district to ensure that no taxpayer money is diverted from public schools to private or church schools in any way.

This year, it is more important than ever that voters be informed of their choice of candidates for the local public school board of education. Determine who best serves our students, teachers and everyone involved. Once you understand what Tim Mayfield stands for, I think you will vote with me for him.

I am an 87 year old woman who has voted in every election since I was old enough. I voted at the ballot box every election day except once, when I didn’t need to be in town, I went to our county courthouse and cast my ballot. I have never voted early and consider it a privilege to go to the polling station and cast my vote.

As I was driving several highways in Nebraska this spring, I kept seeing huge signs for Jim Pills. My thought was – WOW – someone really wants to get elected by spending a huge amount of money. In fact, six people ran for governor on the Republican ticket. The man who really rivaled pills was Charles Herbster. As Herbster became a threat, the Pills and Ricketts ads claimed several women came forward to accuse Herbster of inappropriate touching. Only one woman gave her name, Nebraska Sen. Julie Slama.

Meanwhile, nasty TV spots appeared with character assassination against Herbster and the highlight that he had judged beauty contests all over the world.

It didn’t end with TV spots, mailings came in, sometimes two a day, about the pill campaign. Friends complained and with every new mailing I saw dollar signs in the millions.

I won’t be voting for Pills after Herbster’s character assassination and the fact that he won’t be discussing Democratic nominee Carol Blood. I won’t vote for Blood either. I’ve seen the Democrats in Washington DC do their best to destroy our country and I’m sure she will vote with the other Democrats. Even after receiving her lengthy mailing, all I can see is taxpayer money being haphazardly spent if she is elected.

When I vote, I write Charles Herbster’s name and fill in the circle/box in front of his name to make sure he gets counted.

I ask each of you to think about who you will vote for and why. This is a free country, although the voting machines make it very easy to manipulate votes.

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