Single-use plastics: The concept of the circular economy for companies

edie readers can access a new in-depth report outlining how companies can make their operations, value chains, products and services more circular to reduce single-use plastics and create a world without waste.

The ebb and flow of the global, concerted effort to eliminate unnecessary single-use plastics through the adoption of the circular economy has been an irresistible movement, with nations, cities, regions and companies all pledged to do their part to create a zero-waste future.

In a world where net-zero is a non-optional imperative and the plastic soup plaguing our oceans is ever-growing, now is the time for companies to reinvent business models, supply chains, and products and services to move towards a world without contributing waste.

While net zero and the green recovery have boosted corporate agendas in recent years, many companies are still working diligently to remove unnecessary single-use plastic from their value chains.

This report, sponsored by phs Group, will consider all the key steps companies should be taking to move towards a circular economy by focusing on unnecessary single-use plastics. As more nations and companies commit to net-zero, the report also serves as a timely reminder of the role phasing out single-use plastics in favor of circular products and services can play in broader decarbonization efforts.

The report will include best practice case studies, actionable steps and an in-depth look at key value chain action areas to identify ways to initiate a transition to a circular economy.

Click DOWNLOAD THE REPORT to access your copy of the Single Use Plastics Guide.

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