Trees & Seas Festival continues to grow

MALIBU, CALIFORNIA., June 18, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Plastic Oceans International today announced that Chilean wine brand Montes Wines is joining its Trees & Seas Festival as presenting sponsor and thus complements an impressive list of partners for this first-time event.

The opening event Trees & Seas, organized jointly with the lifestyle brand ÜÑÜ, will unite marine and forest protection at over 20 locations worldwide. August 2-8, 2021, with the island of Chiloé, Chile, which will serve as a hub this year.

“We are happy and honored to have the support of Montes Wines,” said Julie Andersen, CEO of Plastic Oceans International. “What made her an obvious choice for us is that sustainability is part of her ethos. For her, it’s not just about the bottom line. It’s also about acting responsibly and also about how she makes a positive impact on local communities who run them. ” within.”

Support from Montes Wines will be critical to helping Trees & Seas accomplish its mission of bridging ocean and forest conservation, and communicating that we are all one planet, one environment and, in the end, one global Fellowship that is united in our efforts to create a healthier and fairer planet for all.

“We are honored to be part of this important festival. Sustainability is and has always been part of our DNA, ”said Aurelio Montes, Founding partner of Montes Wines. “We firmly believe that there is a lot to do and it is up to every person, company and nation to be aware and act. At Montes we definitely do. We hope that this festival in Chiloé ., a place we have great affection for will be the beginning of a long and deep alliance with Plastic Oceans International. “

For over 30 years, Montes Wines has built a reputation as one of the leading winemakers and producers in. built up Chileresulting in a highly respected brand with wines available in over 100 countries around the world. Not only are they known for the quality of their wines, but also for the sustainable practices that they use to achieve award-winning results.

Other new additions to the sponsor list include FOAMIE, who are reinventing the beauty routine with 100% plastic-free products that work, smell great, and have a visible and tangible impact on skin, hair and the environment; and Bambu the creators of plastic-free bamboo toothbrushes and other sustainable products who fund positive social change in developing countries through their charity projects to combat and use plastic waste.

Trees & Seas global efforts include over 50,000 trees planted, over 100 coastal and forest restorations, dozen of youth workshops and a range of panel discussions, film screenings and live music performances. The week-long celebration is part of Plastic Oceans International’s BlueCommunities initiative and serves as a unifying event for members of the program.

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About Plastic Oceans International

A US-based nonprofit that works to end plastic pollution and promote sustainable communities around the world. We work with the conviction that we can and must act locally in order to effect change globally, and we do this through the power of film to strengthen and globalize collective action. In addition to its global unit, Plastic Oceans has offices in Canada, Chile, Mexico, Europe and the United States Great Lakes region

About Montes wines

In the renowned Apalta wine-growing region you will find the Montes winery, the leading producer in Chile of top wines. Present in more than 100 countries on five continents, the Angels of Montes make a name for themselves when it comes to Chilean quality wines. Since its inception, Montes Wines’ philosophy has been to produce the highest quality wines, always paying attention to its staff, the environment and the surrounding communities, and to developing a sustainable culture at all stages of the winemaking process.

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